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The spring breakers have arrived and so have the baitfish and hungry migratory pelagic fish! It was an incredible week of fishing with multiple hookups and big fish coming to the boat soon upon pulling up to some spots! It was anther "international" week with customers from Brazil, Canada, London, Jamaca and Rome. Large fish were the theme as we transitioned from bottom fishing to live baiting the top of the water column. The Brazalian crew asked to catch Amberjack and grouper on an all day trip and were not dissappointed . . . almost every live bait in the water was inhaled by big AJ's. Several times the rod had to be handed off to another angler to help fight!

Kings, cobia, and big barracuda have been schooled up on baitfish and have provided exciting action on 4-6 hour trips. Cobia to 50+# have been site casted and battled this week and one 35-lber ended up on the filet table. FUN FUN DAYS ON THE WATER!

Kings and were caught all week both casting spoons and jigs but mostly on live baits. One of my personal favorite fisheries for the fast strikes and long drag pulling runs. I am always excited when the show up and are actively feeding on the bait schools! Mostly smaller kings this week 8-12 pounds with a couple closer to 20 pounds. Hoping to have some smoker kings on the line any day now. .. . Book a trip - I look foward to fishing with you!

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