"God Bless America"

I know its not 4th of July, but this was the quote of the week from a fun loving Canadian group of groomsmen. They had what they described as "the BEST &$%@ day of their lives!", which MAY have been effected by the number of beers they consumed, but consistent action reeling in spanish mackeral, double headers of bonitas, 30# barracudas, and goliath grouper, and a couple lost battles had them singing praises. They embraced the freemdoms the morning provided - the bounty of the sea, the serenity of being offshore with no other boats in site, the the power and comfort of the twin 300-hp American made Mercury outboards and Yellowfin, and the freedom to have a beer as a passanger on a boat (which is illegal in Canada!)

"Feel that seabreeze boys?" "Enjoy it, because tomorrow you will be back in Canada!" remarked one of the guys. "One day, I will live here!"

They had a great time and I will never get tired of showing others a great day on the water or being reminded how blessed I am to do what I love!

Come make your own memories, I look foward to fishing with you -

Capt Eric.

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