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March Madness

Chamber of Commerce weather, clear water, lots of fish, and great customers have made for a great month. Kingfish are still schooled up and cooperating really well. One trip last week encountered kings skyrocketing out of the water and schools of kings chasing bait all around and under the boat. It was a fun morning with multiple double and triple headers and a nice smoker sized fish inhaled a 2-lb blue runner.

More big cobia have been landed, although the biggest have been seen but have not fed. If seeing 50-70# fish under the boat doesn't get you excited . . . there is a problem!

Sharks are staring to show up with the warming water. A pair of 5' sharks chased and ate a large grouper coming to the boat and left only a 4-lb grouper head, and several larger 7-8fters have cruised by the boat for a closer look. Speaking of big sharks - has shown Betsy a 1,400 Great White has returned and is swimming out in deep water of the Gulf off Sarasota coast!

I was happy to have come aboard one morning to shoot some video to promote the fishing oppurtunities Sarasota offers. Check a quick video they assembled on Facebook/visitsarasota

Spring Cobia
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